Take a Google Earth Walking tour through Amanalco

Where is San Jerónimo Amanalco?

View the maps below, setting the Municipio of Texcoco in the State of Mexico (1.1a) and locating the community of San Jerónimo Amanalco in the eastern mountains of the municipal unit of Texcoco (1.1b). You can then “goggle map” the community of San Amanalco, Click here to see Amanalco on Google Earth and also with a 2011 “street view” through the residential areas of Amanalco.At this site place the figure of a person, with a green base, along the blue lines and you will see a view of the streets.

map11aMap 1.1a © Jay Sokolovsky 1.1bmapMap 1.1b © Jay Sokolovsky Figure 1.1b© Jay Sokolovsky   – Click on Map to view location of places mentioned in Chapter 1.

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