Interview with the leader of Ollin Amanalco Pilhuame, 2010

Exploring the Changing nature of Indigenous Identity

Importantly, those pushing hardest to retain an indigenous identity are often residents with the most education, including a collective of college students and graduates who in 2008 formed a group called “Ollin Amanalco Pilhuame” (sons of Amanalco Moving Ahead). Part of an emerging strategy was to integrate newly designed Aztec heritage cultural events into the cycle of ritual events but also to develop plans for a local Nahuatl Cultural Center in conjunction with a Polytechnic University in Mexico City. However, there were also factions in Amanalco which saw indigenous identity as a mark of shame which identifies its bearers as poor, ignorant and afraid of change. In this video a leader of the Ollin group discusses the contemporary dilemma of being considered indigenous

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